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A TikTok trend that delivers the goods: “Costco doors”

Buying in bulk is fun until it comes time to unload your trunk. That’s why TikTokers are raving about Costco doors. It’s a grocery pass-through in the garage that opens directly to the pantry, reducing the distance of each trip between car and home. The only stipulation: the pantry must be right next to the garage.

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Tax credit may make “smart glass” the next big eco-friendly feature. 

Smart glass is like transition lenses for buildings. On-demand tinting regulates heat, putting less pressure on HVAC to do all the work. The Inflation Reduction Act includes a 30% smart glass tax credit, so expect to see it more frequently.

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Digital commerce: riddled with choice but still our preference

Inundated with choices from countless retailers, furniture shoppers get struck with decision paralysis. “According to a 2018 study, 42% of consumers said they abandoned a planned purchase because there was too much choice.” Yet, smarter marketing tools and the illusion of trust keep bringing consumers back.

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‘SimCity’ technology brings cities to life before breaking ground

With help from gaming company Unity, the Orlando Economic Partnership is using digital twin technology to run simulations on how different investments – such as a transit system upgrade – may affect the environment and city residents. These 3-D models are a game-changer for urban planning.

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The battle of intelligence: what does AI mean for architects?

With a series of keywords and prompts, artificial intelligence (AI) can visualize an idea in moments. AI tools are being tested to speed through design processes, imagine new cities and communities, and test their success. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean the end of human creativity, but the beginning of an ever-creative partnership between AI and architects.

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