About New Home Trends Summit

Now more than ever, our industry is hungry for knowledge on how to navigate the housing market during these increasingly challenging times. With interest rates rising, industry professionals are having to find ways to differentiate themselves in the market beyond just dropping prices. The theme this year is to explore consumer and design insights that will help you compete and differentiate yourself in this market. A panel of industry veterans will kick off the event with a discussion on what it takes to thrive through the highs and the lows, with insights on migration trends, the build-to-rent space, value engineering, and so much more.

Join us along with the smartest executives in community development and home design at the 2024 New Home Trends Summit (formerly the Housing Design Summit) on September 10 and 11, 2024 to learn from each other and build a network that helps you make more informed decisions for the consumer. Executives will have the opportunity to deepen their network, share their recent successes as well as lessons learned, and listen to provocative educational speakers. ​

“Given my 41 years of experience in the industry, this was the most informative, most meaningful home building industry conference I have attended.”



“You created a phenomenal conference with excellent content and speakers, and the attendees I was able to engage with were exceptional.”



“I loved the intimacy of the group and the quality of speakers.”



“This was fantastic. Honest conversation, idea sharing, and felt like a true gathering of creative thinkers wanting to really share and learn.”

“This one was definitely one of the finest I’ve attended. Very thoughtful planned sessions with great speakers. And every roundtable session was very interesting and lively. Looking forward to seeing how they evolve over the years.”



“I was at [another housing industry conference] in December, and I can tell you—in 3 hours today alone—this is epic value in comparison.”



“Best conference I’ve attended! Great energy and idea sharing.”



“Great Summit, very diverse presenters. I was very impressed with the high level of expertise of each panel member.”

“Beat out any other ULI council, summit, trade show, think tank, roundtable…you get it…I have ever attended. Pure mind candy and ridiculously inspirational. Truly the finest minds in our business sharing insights and ideas. Beyond unforgettable and definitely applicable to the strategy we will bring forth in the near term.”



“I am impressed by the level of people that have attended this Summit. The speakers have been very informative and interesting. The flow of the [conference] has also been a very refreshing approach.”



“I enjoyed the mix of speakers with panels. My favorite was the panel of John Burns Real Estate Consulting employees. It was creative and informative.”