About the New Home Trends Institute


What is NHTI?

Backed by the deep-dive research at John Burns Research and Consulting and supported by our experts across the nation, the New Home Trends Institute pairs design inspiration with exclusive insights into the “why” behind consumers’ housing choices. Gain exclusive insight into housing preferences and pain points through our monthly survey insights reports, webinars, and proprietary surveys of builders, architects, designers, and other industry professionals. We specialize in trend tracking and use this information to foster housing innovation. We also offer exclusive members-only networking through council meetings as well as in-person and virtual events.

Membership Benefits

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Consumer and Industry Expert Survey Results

Delve into data to back your decisions with our monthly survey insights reports featuring research-driven findings on consumer behavior and housing pain points, and our housing industry professional surveys.
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Design Inspiration

Each month, DesignLens features a new series of noteworthy homes and communities in a case study approach highlighting key images and takeaways.
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Exclusive Members-Only Councils

Confidential forums for dialogue in small group settings offer opportunities for unparalleled networking.
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Burns Monthly Housing Market Update

Stay informed about what’s going on in the housing market each month with a client-exclusive webinar hosted by John Burns.
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Invitation-Only Events

Learn, network, and collaborate at events covering a wide variety of topics with some of the top housing industry thought leaders.
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Forward-Thinking Webinars

Regular Zoom webinars featuring a keynote speaker or panel of experts dive deep into topical conversations to show great examples from around the industry, spark ideas, and demonstrate real solutions.
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An Extension of Your Team

Expand your connections with customized NHTI partnership plans and introductions to JBREC local experts, other members, and industry experts.
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Searchable Design Database

With DesignLens – the home building industry’s resource for innovative design solutions – you’ll have access to 600+ communities and developments featured for their innovations in architecture, design, land planning, and historical significance.

Membership Types

How It Works

To learn about becoming a member of the New Home Trends Institute, first you’ll meet with our team for an overview of the membership offering. Once you become a member, we’ll strategize with you to determine how we can best support you and your team. As a member, you and your entire team will gain access to our team of experts, monthly consumer and design research, the DesignLens database, inspiration and solutions for new projects, personalized reports and consulting, and much more.


The New Home Trends Institute is for



Find inspiration for new projects or features


Stay current on what is going on nationally with amenities, community design, and segmentation


Get inspired with photos and floor plans from around the country
Building Products Manufacturers

Building Products Manufacturers

Gain access to insights from consumers and designers from around the country

About John Burns Research and Consulting

John Burns Research and Consulting is an independent research provider and consulting firm focused on the housing industry. The company’s research subscribers receive the most accurate analysis possible to inform their macro investment decisions. Consulting clients receive specific property and portfolio investment advice designed to maximize profits.


Our Team

Headshot for Mikaela Arroyo

Mikaela Arroyo

Vice President, New Home Trends Institute & Chief of Staff
Irvine, California
marroyo@jbrec.com (949) 648-9651
Headshot for Jenni Nichols

Jenni Nichols

Vice President, DesignLens
Headshot for Deana Vidal

Deana Vidal, Assoc. AIA

Director, Brand Strategy
San Mateo, California
dvidal@jbrec.com (336) 671-0325
Headshot for Anja Seng

Anja Seng

Senior Research Analyst
Irvine, California
aseng@jbrec.com (949) 870-1260
Headshot for Maegan Sherlock

Maegan Sherlock

Senior Research Analyst
Peter Dennehy Headshot

Peter Dennehy

Senior Vice President, Consulting
San Diego, California
pdennehy@jbrec.com (858) 210-4828

Ken Perlman

Managing Principal, Consulting
San Diego, California
kperlman@jbrec.com (858) 281-7214
Headshot for Chris Porter

Chris Porter

Senior Vice President, Chief Demographer
Irvine, California
cporter@jbrec.com (949) 870-1218
Headshot for John Burns

John Burns

Irvine, California
jburns@jbrec.com (949) 870-1210

Don Walker

Managing Principal
San Diego, CA, California
donwalker@jbrec.com (858) 281-7212
Headshot for Lesley Deutch

Lesley Deutch

Managing Principal
Boca Raton, Florida
ldeutch@jbrec.com (561) 998-5814
Headshot for  Dean Wehrli

Dean Wehrli

Sacramento, California
dwehrli@jbrec.com (916) 647-3263

David Jarvis

Headshot for Will Frank

Will Frank

Senior Vice President, Consulting
San Diego, California
wfrank@jbrec.com (858) 281-7219
Headshot for Rick Palacios Jr.

Rick Palacios Jr.

Managing Principal & Director of Research

NHTI Support


Asia Inn-Souphomphakdy

Manager, Marketing | Brand and Creative
Irvine, California
ainns@jbrec.com (949) 870-1260
Headshot for Rose Saludo

Rose Saludo

Manager, Client Services
Irvine, California
rsaludo@jbrec.com (949) 870-1261
Headshot for Saher Naimi

Saher Naimi

Senior Client Services Specialist