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Industry Pulse: The mixed-use revival, your true self, and 65 redefined


Special thank you to NHTI intern Angelica Cruz for co-authoring this article.

After a brief detour to explore must-see amenities from JBREC’s Top Master-Planned Communities, we’re jumping back into industry trends. We’ve curated a collection of articles to keep you on top of what’s new.

Reviving the Post-Covid Downtown with Mixed-Use Communities

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Say good-bye to lifeless corporate downtowns and hello to vibrant, experience-focused social districts. In their 8 Trends Shaping Design in 2024 report, Gensler predicts mixed-use communities will bring cities back to life. It’s about creating adventure and connectivity through retail, sports, entertainment, and other lifestyle developments.

Gensler features Harborplace, which “reimagines a historic site in the heart of the city with attainable housing, restaurants, retail, and entertainment.” For more inspiration, check out a few other mixed-use master plans, Prado West and The Orchard, featured on DesignLens. Each community did a spectacular job of meeting consumer preferences and lifestyle goals.

Out: Revenge travel. In: Exploring your peace and passions 

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This year, free yourself from the “revenge travel” mentality and instead embrace tranquility and reconnect with your true self. In 2024, there is no rush to jump from one vacation to another or explore the world extensively. Instead, consumers are dedicating themselves to recharging their energy and delving into self-discovery, community, and connections with those around them. 

Whether catching up on lost sleep, embarking on a short road trip for reflective moments, or indulging in passions like live performances—the opportunities to recharge are endless.

65 Redefined 

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More Americans are turning 65 than ever before and are redefining the milestone age. This demographic is wealthier, healthier, and living longer. However, it is not all pickleball and champagne. While 65-year-olds enjoy increased wealth and activity levels, they face challenges such as a lack of pensions and rising caregiving costs. Many who remain in the workforce do so out of financial necessity and personal fulfillment. Despite these challenges, many 65-year-olds prioritize purpose, independence, and personal growth, reflecting a shifting paradigm toward active and engaged later years.

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