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Industry Pulse: Fascinating Finds from the IBS | KBIS 2024 Expo Floor


After attending the International Builder Show (IBS) and Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2024, we wrote a newsletter on four innovations that solve labor challenges, economize space, maximize durability, and save water. Those were key themes from the expo floor, but why stop at four? Here, we will expand on the previous newsletter by highlighting six honorable mentions (among the 2,400 exhibitors) that you should keep an eye on.

[image: Ryan Villanueva] 

Wood that’s stronger than steel—it seems like a dream, but it’s very much real. InventWood’s Mettlewood® leverages the cellulose fibers of wood by compressing lumber with heat. We’ll spare you the extensive science lingo (the process is detailed on their site). The end product is 50% stronger and six times lighter than steel. This game changer is potentially a more sustainable, lower-cost option for the building industry.

[image: Renovate Robotics] 

Losing to labor challenges? Several innovations addressed this concern. For example, Renovate Robotics’ automated roofing robot, Rufus, installs shingles on its own. Rufus uses anchors to attach to the roof, can climb up and down your ladder, and knows where to nail shingles (and when to ask for more). The result: doubled productivity and reduced worker liability. 

[image: Masonite] 

Safety will always be a top priority for homeowners. Masonite’s M-Protect™ Multi-Point Security Lock is four times stronger than a standard deadbolt. This system is compatible with most off-the-shelf hardware, but here’s where it goes above and beyond: latching the deadbolt triggers two additional tapered bolts that engage into strike plates. Essentially, the door locks in three places, meaning no one will be knocking down your door. 

[image: Ryan Villanueva] 

Forget the fast fashion of appliances, we want something that will last! Karran’s new Hex-Steel Collection sinks are embossed with a hexagonal pattern that makes them scratch resistant. Attendees at KBIS even put the sinks’ durability to the test by scratching at them with coins, yet the sinks were left unscathed. Durability means less upkeep and more bang for your buck.

[image: Ryan Villanueva] 

Delta is tapped into the clean water movement. The Delta® Clarifi™ Tankless Reverse Osmosis System filters out the bad stuff, stripping over 90 contaminants (like lead, microplastics, chemicals, and heavy metals) from your drinking water. Their Clarifi™ Tankless Reverse Osmosis System + Remineralization does the same thing but adds the good stuff (like calcium and magnesium) back in for a more refreshing taste.

[image: Ryan Villanueva] 

Not everything at the expo was a solution to a challenge. Some booths were about making friends and being fabulous. The luxurious partnership between Smeg and Dolce & Gabbana caught eyes with their Blu Mediterraneo collection. The charming appliances set the scene for a warm summer night in Italy, enjoying food with family and friends, and a view of the Mediterranean Sea.

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