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Four Ways to Transform the Primary Bedroom into a Private Oasis

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As homes get smaller, we face the challenge of preserving privacy in the place where homeowners dress for their day, destress from their day, and dream of another day. Here are four ideas to optimize the primary bedroom and make it live large, no matter the size of the home.

1. Vestibule


Visual and audible privacy…

The vestibule is a tiny but mighty transition space between common areas and the primary bedroom. The result is greater visual and audible privacy, which is crucial, especially if the primary bedroom backs up to high traffic spaces like the great room or a hallway. On a similar note, consider placing the primary and secondary bedrooms on opposite sides of the floor for greater privacy between residents. 

2. Coffee Bar

“…but first, coffee…”.

Does this popular slogan sound familiar: “…but first, coffee?” Before you’re ready to brave a new day, sometimes you need your daily dose of caffeine. Coffee bars are a fun upgrade that take up minimal space and let residents get their morning fuel before ever leaving their bedroom. And what better place to enjoy that cup of coffee than a… (see #3) 

3. Private Deck

An escape from being cooped up inside…

Outdoor living provides an escape from being cooped up inside all day and promotes health and wellness through fresh air and sunshine. A deck off the primary bedroom gives homeowners their own private space to enjoy these benefits. Our survey insights show that homeowners and renters prefer an outdoor retreat to an indoor retreat.1 However, keep the following in mind: while it’s a nice bonus to a home, an upper-floor deck is likely one of many components that builders are stripping due to cost.2 Ground-floor outdoor spaces, which are less costly to build, will remain, but upper-floor decks may become more of a luxury.

3. A Cozy Retreat

Takes up minimal square footage…

Just because people prefer an outdoor primary bedroom retreat doesn’t mean they don’t want the classic indoor primary retreat. While these spaces can be almost the size of the bedroom itself at times, a great retreat can also be the size of a closet. This mini retreat takes up minimal square footage but provides a secluded workspace or a cozy reading niche.

Don’t let cost and size constraints limit you from creating the perfect oasis in a primary bedroom. Whether they come standard or as upgrades, consider the various ways you can transform the most important private space in a home.

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1 New Home Trends Institute by John Burns Research & Consulting, LLC September 2022 survey of 1,299 US homeowners and single-family renters with household income of $50,000+.

2 2023 US Residential Architecture & Design Survey conducted by the New Home Trends Institute by John Burns Research & Consulting, LLC and Pro Builder.

Image Source: New Home Trends Institute’s DesignLens Database.