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Design Analysis That Can Boost Revenue


Which of these eight paint companies picked the “color of the year” that will add the most revenue to home sales? Data now shows that there are four colors that can collectively add more than $13K to your home price and three colors that can reduce your sales price by more than $7K. How is that for adding (or subtracting) value?

Four years ago, we purchased DesignLens™ from Howard Englander to continue his mission: bringing great design analysis to housing industry executives all over the country. While great design has always included a level of subjectivity, newly available tools make it much easier to analyze design trends and build consensus around which ideas will resonate most with consumers.

Color is perhaps the most subjective design decision of all. Every year, paint companies analyze their own sales to determine the color of the year. While the eight major paint companies (shown above) mostly show a transition toward earthy, nature-inspired colors, note how different these colors are.

Zillow has brought some analysis to the color debate, analyzing 135k photos from homes sold across the country. Here is what Zillow found, with DesignLens examples from builders across the country. (Click on each example to experience full DesignLens photo tours.)

Black front doors add $6,300 in value

DesignLens example: Meadowbrook Farm in Leesburg, VA (Van Matre Homes)


Periwinkle blue bathrooms add $2,800 in value

DesignLens example: Painted Sky at BackCountry in Highlands Ranch, CO (Shea Homes)


Light taupe living rooms add $2,800 in value

DesignLens example: The District at the Edge in Cathedral City, CA (GHA Companies)


Tuxedo kitchen cabinets (dark lower cabinets paired with light upper cabinets) add $1,500 in value

DesignLens example: Prato at Castle Pines Village in Castle Pines, CO (Infinity Home Collection)


Zillow also found that some colors can decrease home value. Here are the colors to avoid:

  • Yellow exteriors decrease home value by $3,400.
  • Red kitchens decrease home value by $2,300.
  • Brown dining rooms decrease home value by $1,700.

We have long believed that companies that conduct meaningful research maintain a significant competitive advantage over those who rely solely on gut instinct. While the information above is insightful, we also wonder if color preferences vary by generation, life stage, and geography. To learn more about how we can help you better understand your potential customers, click here. To learn more about design trends, click here. One of our experienced team members will get right back to you.

What do you think the color of the year should be?

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