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4 Memorable Moments in Merchandising: Retreats & Niches

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1. Tech Corner

Brookfield Residential was planning the Cira Collection right around the time the country was shutting down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Recognizing that life and homes were changing as a result, the design team adjusted their floor plans and merchandising decisions. Brookfield reconfigured the kitchen to tuck in this tech corner, which takes up minimal square footage in front of the pantry. In addition, the window in front of the built-in desk offers ideal lighting for video calls.

2. Hidden Room

What appears to be a bookshelf in the primary bedroom of the America at Home Study™ Concept Home by Garman Homes is actually a door to a hidden room. This retreat provides an escape from the chaos of life where you can read a book in solitude or take a moment for yourself when having a tough day. Windows on three walls fill the space with light and prevent it from feeling like a closet.

3. Primary Lounge

Is it time for privacy but not time for bed? In need of some separation from a kiddo? Palmer at 3 Roots by Shea Homes created a lounge area within the primary bedroom for just these reasons. Tucked into its own nook, the cozy retreat fits two chaises, one on either side of a dresser, and is warmed up by ambient lighting overhead.

4. Reading Nook

Miller & Smith’s The Retreat at Westfields’ Clarion model showcases an optional fourth floor loft with a cozy reading nook tucked to one side. It’s framed with shelving on each side, merchandised with a built-in window seat, and offers a tree-lined view through the windows. TRIO highlighted opportunities here that will make buyers wish they had this space to curl up in with a book on a rainy day.