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23 young people who work in real estate predict the future of their industry, from what will happen to home prices to the fate of brick-and-mortar stores

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The single-family home market boomed during the pandemic as Americans sought more space amid lockdowns and remote work. 

The increasing time that homeowners now spend at home has provoked a rethinking of how houses are designed. Arroyo, a director at the real-estate data provider John Burns Consulting, is finding that builders are increasingly eager to build homes that will appeal to the changing tastes and needs of consumers.

"We're seeing a lot more thoughtful inclusions with the layouts in homes," said Arroyo, who leads a new John Burns division that is focused on researching and reporting on consumer trends in housing. "Even tiny dwellings have an office nook that's not a dark, dingy cave. We're going to see a lot more thoughtfulness."

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