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Let’s Talk Surban™


Consulting leader Dean Wehrli volunteered to host our new podcast. You never know what to expect from Dean. Click here to subscribe to future episodes.

For episode 4 of our New Home Insights Podcast, Dean talks with our Chief Demographer Chris Porter on the concept of surban™.

Conversation highlights include:

  • Breaking down the concept of surban
  • Characteristics of a prime surban location
  • Typical demographic profiles of buyers interested in surban living
  • Hurdles of building surban
  • Examples of successful surban projects

John Burns Real Estate Consulting offers two solutions to help decision makers take advantage of the shift toward surban™ living:

  • Consumer and Product Insights. We have partnered with builders and developers across the nation to launch a Consumer and Product Insight survey to home shoppers who have registered at new home communities. In our most recent survey we collected approximately 24,000 responses and we have over 100,000 total responses in our past survey database.
  • DesignLens. DesignLens is our monthly publication and online library of photo tours recognizing new home, community, and historical design. The 1000+ communitites and developments depicted on DesignLens have been chosen for their innovations in architecture, design, land planning, and/or historical significance.

To learn more about how you can better develop your next community, marketing strategy, or new product design, please fill our contact form.

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